The Buying and Selling Of French Bulldogs

There is absolutely nothing can beat the wonderful feeling of having a pet dog (or indeed dogs) in the home. One of the most popular pets in many households these days is the French Bulldog. Why is this? I think the reason they have become so well-liked amongst  animal enthusiasts as they are just so darned adorable.

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They’re also solid and healthy types.

Frenchy pups are very definitely one of the most hefty boned, wildest, thickest, overdone puppies you could ever hope to meet! In terms of breeders, make sure you go to a regsitered breeder to buy your puppies. Make sure you get the certificate that signifies that the bloodline is true and that the dog(s) are strong and healthy. A good breeder will try to improve the bloodline through each generation and this is important for the future health of your Frenchy pup. A certified breeder really is the only place where you will find proper healthy French Bulldogs for sale.

I know it’s all too easy to just fall in love with the first frenchy you encounter that is for sale. Let’s face it – they are adorable! But, and this is important, do make sure you go to a proper breeder and don;t get seduced by local or Internet ads. Such “brokers” will likely have imported the dogs and you will have no come back or guarantees to the health and bloodline.


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But once you get your French Bulldog home expect a great pet.

They are fun, lively and a joy to be with. But, they can be demanding of your time and attention and do tend to run out of steam fairly quickly.

You can buy online these days as well. Online dealers do tend to offer a “pick and mix” type service where you can choose color, features, preice even etc. And of course, buying online is super easy.

But again, I say, beware. If an online deal looks too good to be true it probably is. A properly bred and certified French Bulldog Puppy can cost $2,000 and upwards. If you’re offered one for $300 it’s probably a scam. If you do buy online, make sure you complete rigourous checks as to the authenticity of the dealer.

Buying from a breeder is still (in my opinion) infinitely preferable. Indeed most Frenchy owners go on to establish long-term relationships with the breeder they buy from. This is because you can share breeding rights and income from subsequent litters. And of course it is just handy to be able to speak to the breeder for help and advice along the way. It all helps you get the most enjoyment from owning your dog.

There is no doubt caring for a puppy needs a bunch of time and attention. We will deal with training and providing a comfortable home for your dog in separate articles on the site. I hope you have found this “buyers guide” useful. Make sure you use this guide when looking for French Bulldogs for sale.

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