An Introduction to the French Bulldog

An Introduction to the French Bulldog

This compact breed of dog is characterized by a flat face and naturally occurring “bat ears” that are wide at the base and rounded at the top. Frenchies were originated in England but got their name in France as French Bulldogs because they were largely...

French Bulldog dies of suspected snake bite

A snake bite is believed to have killed a three-year-old pet French bulldog in Springs 2. “I was in France on June 13 when my pet-sitter called saying Bully had died. I told her to take him to a vet to find out the reason. The vet conducted a post mortem and said the...

Have A Happy Frenchie Easter!!!

Here is wishing everyone a happy and healthy Easter holiday with your lovable little Frenchie! A lovely silly little video to share with you all!! Enjoy!!