All About The Blue French Bulldog Puppy

Of all of the different types of French bulldogs, the Blue is arguably the most wanted and desired. But, with this comes expense and you’ll have to pay a premium if you really have your heart set on getting a blue french bulldog.

The cost of owning a blue French bulldog is not for the faint of heart… The owner of this particular blue Frenchie discovered that one of her dogs had a neck problem, and although she had purchased her blue French bulldog from as reputable breeder (she has 4 altogether so knows what she is doing) the diagnosis and surgery to rectify the issue set her back almost $10,000. That’s obviously if there is a health issue with your Frenchie (blue, fawn, brindle or Merle etc) which being a Brachycephalic breed is not uncommon.”

These coat colors on “blue dogs” are usually a stable gray coat, devoid of any brindle or white markings, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white and white with black markings. So these “multi-colored” variations of French Bulldogs are not thoroughbred and you would be unable to “show” them. That doesn’t mean they are not great pets though!

Many owners of these dogs find it difficult to find out about the qualifying colors. And, there has been some debate deciding what the standard for each shade should be. When purchasing a high-quality Frenchie, be certain the breeder has an intensive knowledge of the breed standards regarding coat color.

If you are on the lookout for blue French bulldog puppies, then be prepared for a longer wait. They are more rare and certainly quite difficult to get a pure bred “blue”. That also means you are likely to pay a little more unfortunately. But, they are beautiful dogs!

What About The Wellbeing of Your Blue French Bulldog ?
French Bulldogs do have difficulty in regulating their body temperature. This is because of much shorter nose and how it is situated on the head. They can overheat quickly in hot environments. If this happens and they are not cooled down fairly quickly your puppy can become ill very quickly.

Being a flat-nosed breed, these dogs are not only in danger from heat, they don’t function well in extreme cold either. So, the rule is, keep them cool throughout the summer and make sure they don’t work themselves too much and overheat. And, in the winter, keep them warm and perhaps allow them to exercise a little more vigorously.

Sterilize your French Bulldog. Spaying a female bulldog prior to the initial “heat” helps prevent breast cancer and lessens the opportunity of any uterine infections. Sterilizing male French bulldogs prior to their four month helps to prevent testicular cancer and give ways to a healthy prostate. It also helps combat some of their more unwanted and aggressive habits that can creep in.

Make sure you take your French Bulldog puppy for routine medical examinations and stay fully up to date with all vaccinations. You should also ensure you do a month-to-month home evaluation of the skin, eyes, ears, nose, teeth and gums. Just make sure nothing looks untoward. If you’re unsure check with the vet.

Keep your Frenchies teeth clean. Brush them on a routine basis. Always use anesthesia-free cleaners. Anesthesia can be dangerous to a French Bulldog breeder, due to their respiratory sensitivity. However, due to the generally laid-back attitude, it’s normally quite easy to carry out this task!

What About The Diet and Weight of a Blue French bulldog?

Overweight Frenchies are always likely to suffer from a puffy or bloated abdomen and breathing difficulty (because of their stature). Only feed them top quality, grain-free or organic dog food. You should check they include actual meat and/or veggies. A proper and natural diet will ensure your puppy is not as flatulent as he may be on less natural foodstuffs. Also a raw food diet can work well for young French Bulldogs.

Take your Frenchie for a stroll every day. French Bulldog young puppies are suitable for apartment life because they do tire quickly and don’t like long periods of intense activity. Yes, they do need exercise, but not the long walks and throw and fetch sessions some breeds must have.

Blue French Bulldog Puppy Cleanliness…

Brush your French Bulldog puppy weekly using a rubber brush or rubber grooming hand to make sure all of their loose and dead hair is effectively removed. They don’t shed an awful lot.

Keep your pup clean around the mouth, they do slaver quite a bit so need to be cleaned up regularly.

Bathe your French Bulldog whenever necessary. Typically every two months will be more than enough. Tidy the ears with aid a cotton ball and child oil or else through using ear maid for canines. Keep your Frenchie’s nails cut to a comfy length as well.

Blue French Bulldog Buying Advice…

I know it’s all too easy to just fall in love with the first frenchy you encounter that is for sale. Lets face it – they are adorable! But, and this is important, do make sure you go to a proper breeder and don’t get seduced by local or Internet ads. Such “brokers” will likely have imported the dogs and you will have no come back or guarantees to the health and bloodline.

Once you get your French Bulldog home expect a great pet. But also you must be ready to train your French bulldog properly and that will take time and effort.

They are fun, lively and a joy to be with. But, they can be demanding of your time and attention and do tend to run out of steam fairly quickly. You can buy online these days as well. Online dealers do tend to offer a “pick and mix” type service where you can choose color, features, price even etc. And of course, buying online is super easy.

blue french bulldog puppies

But again, I say, beware. If an online deal looks too good to be true it probably is. A properly bred and certified French Bulldog Puppy can cost $2,000 and upwards. If you’re offered one for $300 it’s probably a scam. If you do buy online, make sure you complete rigorous checks as to the authenticity of the dealer.

Buying from a breeder is still (in my opinion) infinitely preferable. Indeed most Frenchie owners go on to establish long-term relationships with the breeder they buy from. This is because you can share breeding rights and income from subsequent litters. And of course it is just handy to be able to speak to the breeder for help and advice along the way. It all helps you get the most enjoyment from owning your dog.

There is no doubt caring for a puppy needs a bunch of time and attention. We will deal with training and providing a comfortable home for your dog in separate articles on the site. I hope you have found this “buyer’s guide” useful. Make sure you use this guide when looking for French Bulldogs for sale.

How to home train your Blue French Bulldog Puppy

Once your puppy gets old enough you need to start training him or her. You need to impart positive lessons to him so that he or she matures to be a well behave dog that you can proudly walk with on the street or invite your friends over without risking him or her causing injury to them.

Knowing to train a Blue French Bulldog is not an easy mission, particularly when you don’t have any past knowledge about how puppies behave and how they actually think.

It is for this reason that there exists professional dog trainers, who have dedicated their lives to understanding puppy and dog behavior and share the skills and tips they have discovered over time with us making the whole process of knowing how to train a puppy simpler and full of fun.

The first thing you need to do when training your Blue French Bulldog at home is to ensure he or she has been sprayed or sterilized because puppies that have been sprayed or sterilized tend to respond more positively to training than the ones that haven’t. This is because neutering, makes them a little docile and cuts on their aggression.

The other essential thing is to establish the puppies’ private den as early as possible. Get him a place not to be used by family members or other pets.

This is essential for breeds that are known to be territorial. Puppies tend to enjoy their own private time sometimes and providing such space early will aid his development.

Puppy training is very important, whether you are training your first puppy or your 20th. Properly training and socializing a puppy is vital to making it a valued member of your family and your community.

In some ways training a Blue French Bulldog puppy is easier than training an adult or adolescent dog. One reason is that the puppy is essentially a “blank slate”, untroubled by past training techniques and other issues. In other ways, however, the puppy can be more difficult to train than an older dog.

One challenge to training a new Blue French Bulldog puppy is that puppies are more easily distractible than adolescent and adult dogs. Everything is new to a puppy, and every new experience provides a new chance for distraction. For this reason, it is best to keep training sessions short when working with a puppy, and to end each training sessions on a positive note.

It is also important to allow the puppy plenty of time to play, and to interact with other puppies and dogs. Socialization training is vital to making your new Blue French Bulldog puppy a good canine citizen, as dog aggression is a growing problem in many areas. A properly socialized dog learns how to play properly with other dogs, and overly aggressive play is punished by the other dogs in the play group.

This type of play learning is something that happens among siblings in litters of puppies. As the puppies play with each other, they learn what is appropriate and what is not. Inappropriate behavior, such as hard biting or scratching, is punished by the other puppies, by the mother dog, or both.

Unfortunately, many Blue French Bulldog puppies are removed from their mothers and sold or adopted before this socialization has fully occurred. Therefore, puppy play sessions are a very important part of any puppy training session. Most good puppy preschool training programs provide time in each session for this type of dog interaction.

Introducing your Blue French Bulldog puppy to new experiences and new locations is also an important part of puppy training. Teaching your dog to be obedient and responsive, even in the face of many distractions, is very important when training dogs and puppies.

One great way to socialize your puppy both to new people and new dogs is to take it on a trip to your local pet store. Many major pet store chains, and some independent ones as well, allow pet parents to bring their furry children, and these stores can be great places for puppies to get used to new sights, sounds and smells. Of course you will want to make sure the store allows pets before heading over.

It is important for Blue French Bulldog puppy owners to structure their pet’s environment so that the puppy is rewarded for good behaviors and not rewarded for others. One good example of this is jumping on people. Many people inadvertently reward this behavior because it can be cute. While it is true that jumping can be cute for a 10 pound puppy, it will not be so cute when that puppy has grown into a 100 pound dog.

Instead of rewarding the puppy for jumping, try rewarding it for sitting instead. This type of positive reinforcement will result in a well behaved adult dog that is a valued member of both the family and the community at large.

This type of reinforcement can also be used in potty training the new Blue French Bulldog puppy. For instance, teaching a puppy to use a unique surface such as gravel or asphalt is a good technique. The theory is that the puppy will associate this surface with going potty, and therefore be reluctant to use other surfaces (like your kitchen carpet for instance) as a potty.

You also have to determine where in the house can he or she go and where you don’t want him or her to go. Come up with rules you want the Blue French Bulldog puppy to follow when in the house for instance you may decide that you want him to have his own chair and not to climb on other chairs.

If you get the rules right early it will speed up the training process.

Discovering how to train a Blue French Bulldog puppy hood behavior is also very important.
One basic way of encouraging your puppy to behave properly is by rewarding him or her every time he or she behaves well. There are several things you can reward the puppy with these include showing affection, giving gifts, patting on the back, toys and sometimes praising.

Don’t use treats to bribe your puppy only use it as reinforcement for good behavior.

Bribing him or her will give him the notion that he or she must be given what he wants to do something.

You also have to learn how to train him against biting and nipping on people. Human beings have delicate skins and puppies with their sharp teeth can easily cause injury to them.
Training your Blue French Bulldog puppy to appreciate this fact is very crucial.

Blue French Bulldog puppies, Why Your Breeder Is Vital…

It’s worth discussing traits and features you want in your puppy with the breeder. Although do bear in mind, the more demanding you are on colour etc, the longer you may have to wait for the perfect dog. Once your puppy is born and has been identified, do go and visit during the first 8 weeks of bonding.

The way mother conducts herself will give you some insight into the likely behavior of your own puppy. Breeders will do everything they can to satisfy your needs. They are interested in building a long-term relationship with you. This could include future joint breeding rights for example.

They will also be able to help you pick a puppy that has the right character traits for your home as well. It pays to know what qualities you want from your Frenchy up front. It’s also worth noting that French Bulldog Puppies are notorious for building habits quickly. And, once a habit is established it is very difficult to break if it is undesirable! Finally, talk to other customers / partners of the breeder. This will give you a true insight into what he / she is like and how they deal with their customers on an ongoing basis.

Hopefully you will be having a long relationship with your breeder so it helps to know, up front, if that is going to work for the good of all – including your puppy!

Some general rules that would be helpful if you are thinking of getting a BLUE Frenchie Puppy

  • Go to a trusted source / breeder
  • See the puppy in the breeders environment
  • Ask the breeder what initial training has been carried out
  • Insist on seeing documentation
  • Don’t buy online
  • If you have children, take them with you to see your potential pup.

The price of your latest addition to the family is generally set by the breeder and current market conditions – beware they are not cheap. the purity of the bulldog puppies breeding line will also have a bearing on price. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!

blue french bulldog price

Ensure your new french bulldog puppies have AKC, UKC or UK registration.It is possible to hold dual registration. French Bulldog Puppies are amazing in their own right and they might be one of the best options for you in this regard. The French Bulldog puppy came about basically a result of a cross between the local ratters from Paris and the bulldog ancestors that came from the UK. They became very popular due to their very small size and the fact that they look rather amazing!

You and your Blue French Bulldog puppy can have a perfect relationship
Ever believed in fairytales and happy endings? Yes you are not alone. Many of us stay around a person or a situation patiently with hope and faith that things will get better, that we will live happily ever after.

And although a few times things don’t work out like we anticipated most of the times things work out to our favor and we feel glad that we held on strong when everybody was telling us to quit that we had faith that things will work out when everyone was giving up.

The same might have transpired between us and our puppies. They may be unruly and badly behaved.

They cause destruction of property and injury to strangers. Everybody is telling us to give up on the lovely puppy and hand him over to the authorities or to put him or her to rest.

What happened to people believing, what happened to people having hope? Would you still be happy if people always gave up on you for the mistakes you make without giving you a chance to correct yourself are make amends or worse off without showing you the right way you should behave. I bet you wouldn’t you would hate everybody who tried to do so.

I believe no matter how bad a Blue French Bulldog puppy behaves he or she can be rehabilitated. It doesn’t matter how many trainers have trained and failed. Most of them actually just call themselves “professionals” but still have no clue about how to train a puppy.

It is logical and it is proven scientifically that you cannot expect to get good results when you use the wrong methods. There have been many cases like these where the owners were advised by friends to do away with the Blue French Bulldog puppy with some even suggesting killing the poor animal but later the puppies under the guidance of a dog trainer who understands puppy and dog behavior perfectly was tamed and started behaving properly to the delight of the owners.

Don’t subscribe to methods of a trainer who is not certified in dog training and has no track record to back his claim for successfully rehabilitating puppies. Such trainer will just deteriorate your puppy’s behavior while swindling away your hard earned money..

You and your Blue French Bulldog puppy can have a perfect relationship, just don’t give up on him or her be patient with him or her give him or her correct guidance and sooner he or she will repay your faith and patience. He will grow into a lovely part of the family.

What Else Should You Know About The Blue French Bulldog?

There are quite a lot of things that makes this breed stand out. One of them is the fact that unlike other dog breeds, the French Bulldog Puppies don’t really need a lot of exercise. However, you will need to maintain them at a healthy weight and you can do that if you do daily walks with them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these puppies don’t handle heat really well. In case you want to take them outside during the summer you will have to find a way to cool them down.

Thankfully, these puppies are very easy to train so it will be very easy for you to find a good way of training these puppies if you so desire. While obedience might not be a problem, cleanliness is one. These dogs have issues with shedding, flatulence and drooling which does mean that they make quite the mess at times. They are good apartment dogs though because they don’t bark that much, not to mention that French Bulldog Puppies are very cute and they are a delight to have around.

When it comes to having French Bulldog Puppies while you also have a kid, you don’t have to worry too much about any possible issues. You do need to clean the home more often, but the interaction of French Bulldogs with kids is adorable and lots of fun. Keep in mind that, as they grow, these dogs will tend to get territorial.

Things only get worse if you offer a lot of attention to the dog in the long run. You will like the fact that these dogs thrive when they get in contact with humans. They can be left at home, but it’s not uncommon to see French Bulldog Puppies very sad when you get back. This is why you should always consider taking them with you during trips, as you get to take better care of them!

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