What To Look For – French Bulldog Puppy

It’s true that French Bulldog Puppies don’t necessarily look like the best pet dog in the world! But, if they are from a proper breeder, have been schooled well in that crucial first eight or so weeks they can be ideal, especially if you have children.

Your Breeder Is Vital

It’s worth discussing traits and features you want in your puppy with the breeder. Although do bear in mind, the more demanding you are on colour etc, the longer you may have to wait for the perfect dog. Once your puppy is born and has been identified, do go and visit during the first 8 weeks of bonding.

The way mother conducts herself will give you some insight into the likely behavior of your own puppy. Breeders will do everything they can to satisfy your needs. They are interested in building a long-term relationship with you. This could include future joint breeding rights for example.

They will also be able to help you pick a puppy that has the right character traits for your home as well. It pays to know what qualities you want from your Frenchy up front. It’s also worth noting that French Bulldog Puppies are notorious for building habits quickly. And, once a habit is established it is very difficult to break if it is undesirable! Finally, talk to other customers / partners of the breeder. This will give you a true insight into what he / she is like and how they deal with their customers on an ongoing basis.

Hopefully you will be having a long relationship with your breeder so it helps to know, up front, if that is going to work for the good of all – including your puppy!


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Yes, the training is important in those early months, but they are fun loving, playful animals that are a joy to have in the home. They bond quickly and can become great and hugely enjoyable companions for you and your kids.

Some general rules that would be helpful if you are thinking of getting a Frenchie Puppy

  • Go to a trusted source / breeder
  • See the puppy in the breeders enviornment
  • Ask the breeder what inital training has been carried out
  • Insist on seeing documentation
  • Don’t buy online
  • If you have children, take them with you to see your potential pup.

The price of your latest addition to the family is generally set by the breeder and current market conditions – beware they are not cheap. the purity of the bulldog puppies breeding line will also have a bearing on price. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Ensure your new french bulldog puppies have AKC, UKC or UK registration.It is possible to hold dual registration.

What Is A Blue French Bulldog Puppy?

There are a number of various selections with regards to the color variations available in the coat of a French Bulldog. There are guidelines set out by the breeders association and you should check these out. The official requirements that most breeders acknowledge are set by the American Kennel Club in the U.S and The Kennel Club of Great Britain in the U.K.

The color of the Frenchie coat solely turns into necessary when considering the canine for skilled show purposes. A few of the coat colors and markings aren’t acceptable when wanting to make use of a French Bulldog for shows and competitors events. When a French Bulldog is presented in the present ring with unacceptable coat colors or markings, the dog can be disqualified from competitions. All dogs which are to be shown in competitions, should meet the breed standards.

Dogs that don’t meet the breed standards are often not bred within breed. This particular breed are normally bought as pet-high quality companions to folks not keen on showing the dog. As a result, pet quality Blue French Bulldogs are usually lower in price.

In fact the coat is not blue at all it’s more of a slate Gray, but when the light shines on it the right way, it can produce a sort of blue shimmer or sheen. Hence the name “blue”.These coat colors on “blue dogs” are usually a stable gray coat, devoid of any brindle or white markings, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white and white with black markings. So these “multi-colored” variations of French Bulldogs are not thoroughbred and you would be unable to “show” them. That doesn’t mean they are not great pets though!
Many owners of these dogs find it difficult to find out about the qualifying colors. And, there has been some debate deciding what the standard for each shade should be. When purchasing a high-quality Frenchie, be certain the breeder has an intensive knowledge of the breed standards regarding coat color.
If you are on the lookout for blue French bulldog puppies, then be prepared for a longer wait. They are more rare and certainly quite difficult to get a pure bred “blue”. That also means you are likely to pay a little more unfortunately. But, they are beautiful dogs!
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