5 favorite foods to stuff inside a Kong for your French Bulldog

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When I need to keep my French Bulldog busy stuffing a Kong with one of the delicious foods is guaranteed to keep him busy.

A dog trainer friend of mine told me once that “a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.” Stuffing a Kong is mentally and physically stimulating for your Frenchie. On top of that, stuffed Kong’s are very easy to prepare, it can last a long time, and it’s a phenomenal way to keep your Frenchie entertained.

Freezing the contents of a Kong is a way to add even more enjoyment time for you and your Frenchie. .

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Here are my top 5 favorite foods to stuff inside a Kong for your French Bulldog

Peanut Butter – Peanut butter is certainly the most popular Kong stuffing base. It is sticky, your Frenchie is guaranteed to love it, and it is stuffed pretty easily inside a Kong. While peanut butter is great, it also high in fat and calorie dense. Don’t overdo it or you will turn your Frenchie into a pudge ball and take years off his life. Also make sure it doesn’t contain the artificial sweetener xylitol as that can harmful to your Frenchie’s health. I personally purchase the Organic peanut butter from my local Food Co Op.

Bone Broth – You can make homemade bone broth chicken or beef. You can even buy packaged bone broth which makes it even easier. Bone broth is great for stuffing a Kong. It is nutrient-dense, freezes easily, and makes for a great Kong stuffing. Here’s the technique to use this – I like to do is dab a bit of peanut butter over the small hole in the bottom of the Kong which acts as a seal. Then turn the Kong upside down in a cup and fill with with Bone Broth and then freeze it for a couple hours. Your Frenchie will love it!

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a very healthy treat for French bulldogs. It’s full of fiber, yet low in fat, and provides additional nutrients. My girlfriend often cooks big batches of oatmeal at the start of each week so her and the kiddos can make our breakfasts from it each day quickly. A little leftover oatmeal stuffed inside a Kong can keep your Frenchie entertained for some time. An oatmeal-stuffed Kong will keep your Frenchie happy for 15-20 minutes easily. To make an oatmeal stuffed toy last longer, seal with peanut butter or a banana chunk. Freeze it for an additional time extension.

Pumpkin – Organic canned pumpkin is a great Kong stuffing option. If your Frenchie has a sensitive tummy this might be the treat for him. Make sure you’re giving them the high quality organic pumpkin that doesn’t contain any added sugar. Mixing the pumpkin with oatmeal, rice, peanut butter, or meat is a great way to slip in some healthy fiber.

Bananas – A great easy to mush into a Kong selection. When you need a quick Kong stuffer this is a great option for your Frenchie. Simply slice a banana and jam it in the Kong. For a small dog like a Frenchie I would keep the amount of banana small. You can add peanut butter to seal it in, or yogurt too!

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