French Bulldog dies of suspected snake bite

French Bulldog dies of suspected snake biteA snake bite is believed to have killed a three-year-old pet French bulldog in Springs 2.

“I was in France on June 13 when my pet-sitter called saying Bully had died. I told her to take him to a vet to find out the reason. The vet conducted a post mortem and said the most likely cause was a snake bite,” said pet owner Jerome Barbeau.

Dr Ruben Arias del Rio of The Veterinary Hospital who conducted the post-mortem confirmed the marks found on the dog’s right hind leg appeared consistent with a snake bite.

“An examination of his internal organs didn’t show any gross abnormality. His stomach was empty which rules out poisoning. A snake bite could be the reason for Bully’s death,” Dr Rio told XPRESS. However, Emaar said they have not heard of any such incident.


On June 9, a Spring 12 resident alerted the developer after spotting a snake near her house.

Emaar said it was a one-off incident. “We’ve taken measures to ensure safety. Our pest management team regularly carries out inspections. Snake repellants have been applied along the coummunity boundaries,” said a spokesperson. Dr Cristian, an animal specialist at Modern Veterinary Clinic, said there is no anti-snake venom for pets in the UAE. “The only treatment we can provide is supportive care. However, the venom will stay in the pet’s system and reduce its chances of survival.”


He urged pet owners to take precautions. “In case of a snake bite, they should cover the wound with a cold tissue or an ice patch to reduce venom absorption. If possible, take a picture of the snake so that the doctor can identify if it is poisonous or not.”



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