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History Of The French Bulldog

french bulldogThe French Bulldog originated in England but got their name in France as French Bulldogs because they were largely taken by lace makers shifted in France during the end of Industrial Revolution. These dogs were bred from English Bulldogs and Pugs while English Terriers are also thought to be one of their forefathers.

French Bulldogs were more largely kept by women in France than Men. It is necessary for a French Bulldog to weigh less than 28 lbs.A French Bulldog weighing more than this would be disqualified from AKC registration. French Bulldogs likes to eat a lot.They won’t like anyone around them while eating.They also tend to sleep too much.

These dogs are mischievous and likes to play.The naughtiness in their nature never goes by age. French Bulldogs are not fond of water at all.Actually they hate going near it.Mostly French Bulldogs can’t swim because of their small legs and large heads. French Bulldogs are one of the most expensive dog breed to buy and also to keep.

French Bulldogs are alert and vocal when on duty.They can be good watch dogs but not guard dogs. French Bulldogs are now the 14th most registered AKC dog breed.

The French Bulldog, is on the whole, a fairly sound dog with a few structural problems that need to be noted and that breeders need to be aware of. Being a brachycephalic breed that is fairly short and compact with a screw tail, the “Frenchie” is prone to the associated problems these conformational characteristics will bring.

Body – While small in size, the Frenchie is incredibly solid for its height and weight, which to the uninitiated, can be very deceptive. The breed is a miniature mollossoid (mastiff), in that a large head and solid body is called for. The height at the shoulder relative to the bone and muscle weight ratio is phenomenal when comparing this breed to almost any other. Males ideally should weight around 14kgs, bitches around 12kg.

Despite their small stature, the strength of the Frenchie holds it in very good stead. The strength of bone and generally good ligament strength makes them quite a hardy breed, unlikelyfrench bulldog for sale to break bones or injure themselves, even though they play fairly hard. Launching off beds and chairs even while quite young, rarely causes any damage – only heart attacks to the owners!

The French Bulldog is also incredibly agile

On the whole, able to spring up onto sofas, chairs, lounges, beds etc in a single bound – usually without having to back off and take a run at it. In play, they often jump up in mid air, turn 180 degrees and come down facing the other direction.

Chasing and playing with bigger dogs is no problem. As they are fairly easy going, they don’t generally start fights, but are quite willing to give an opinion on whom they are backing and will line up in support.

When lifting this breed, one should be careful to shift the majority of the lift to just behind the shoulders due to the front-heavy head and chest of the breed. As they trust you totally, they are very good at throwing themselves forwards in your arms – be prepared and have them securely held at all times.

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