Think! Before you purchase a French Bulldog

Please make every effort to find out as much as you can about the breed. The Frenchie is not a dog that should be taken on lightly. The puppies are cute but they can take up to two years to mentally mature and they will require daily attention.
By nature, Frenchies are intelligent and sometimes stubborn and although generally much healthier than their English cousins.

They can on occasions develop breathing problems or structural faults simply due to their genetic makeup. Frenchies do require a daily walk of approximately half an hour. They are not fighting dogs and adore human company.

Frenchies are not dogs that like to be left alone for hours on end and they are not suitable for working families as they can be destructive if left alone for too long. Be sure you know as much as possible before you buy, read every book you can find, visit every web site you can find and join your local French bulldog club.

Make the effort to attend a few breed shows and talk to as many breeders and Frenchie owners that you can. You will be given much conflicting advice The more you know beforehand the better. So many Frenchies end up in The Trust because the owners were not aware of just how much was involved in owning one. In general bitches are usually that bit smaller than the males who tend to be more muscular and larger in both structure and size.

Males are may be slightly more dominant in personality and may be that little bit more stubborn. Frenchie pups can take up to 2 years to mature. Boisterous behavior is quite normal for young Frenchies, they tend not to become the stereotypical couch potatoes until they are adults. Bitches will come into season around 6 to 12 months. Often after her second season you will see a change in her personality and she will begin to calm down.

Males have a testosterone surge at around 9 months old, this hormone surge can sometimes make them more boisterous as they learn how to be a “man” dog! If you already own a dog and wish to add a further dog to your home, in general a dog of the opposite sex to your own dog is always preferable as they are generally more compatible.

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