Two French bulldogs who are said to be “absolutely besotted with each other” have tied the knot at a doggy wedding ceremony.

Groom Dexter kissed – or rather slobbered – his bride Maya at the bizarre wedding at romantic Chapel Rock in Marazion, Cornwall, at the weekend.Maya, two-and-a-half years old, and Dexter, five, make the ideal couple according to owners Phil, 41, and Clare Whittingham, 40, from Mullion.

“This was just a bit of fun to celebrate their love for each other,” said Clare.


“They have both been in a monogamous relationship for a couple of years now; they only have eyes for and breed with each other and Dexter also only shares his food with Maya and Maya alone.

“Everyone always comments how cute a couple they are and we joked that they should marry – it sort of snowballed from there really.”

Dogs are often celebrated to be one of the most loyal species known to man, but Maya and Dexter’s “special” faithfulness for each other stood out and before long wedding bells were sounding. Celebrant Nick Battle, who usually only takes funerals, agreed to officiate the romantic ceremony and read a variety of poems and ‘doggy vowels’ to celebrate the pair’s union.


“I think the staff thought we were taking the preverbal when we enquired about booking, but they were very excited and keen once we explained the story,” added Mrs Whittingham. “It did start as a joke but it has turned into something really amazing – this has been the first wedding I have planned, along with Phil and our daughter Olivia, and I think it went very well.

“It really was the dream wedding – almost as romantic as ours.”

“It’s just a blessing of their affection for each other, unless the worst happens it will last a lot longer than most human marriages that’s for sure – we won’t be able to understand them if they want a divorce.

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